How Insulated Garage Doors Helps With Summer Heat

July 18, 2019

Summer is here and with it comes the rising temperatures and the many different ways people attempt to stay cool and comfortable. When you are in your own home, you might tend to have fans going or run the AC to control the internal temperature. But what do you do to keep the garage cool? Some people need to use the garage year-round, whether for work, exercise, laundry, or even coming and going more often than not for all the things you might need for a fun summer day. And the garage often becomes the warmest place in the house, uncomfortably hot and thoroughly unenjoyable.

Some people try to fix this by keeping a fan running, though this doesn't actually lower the temperature in the garage. Some people try to properly ventilate it but if it's hot outside, you're just letting more heat in. Then comes the question of installing an AC unit, whether it's worth the investment, especially if you won't use it for the entire year because of cold winters.

All of these are more temporary fixes that might not be fixing the source of the problem. And we have a solution for you. Insulation.

When most people think of insulation, they often think of cold weather, layering your home to keep out the cold temperatures and keep the warmth in. But isolation works both ways. It also keeps out the heat.

Unless your home is perfectly sealed, and not many are, you could be wasting your energy all summer long if warm air is constantly able to make its way into your home through your garage. Older and non-insulated garage doors aren't built to prevent the flow of heat, thus constantly allowing warm air in and then whenever you open the door from your garage into your home, you let that warm air in which makes your AC unit have to work extra hard to keep it at the cool temperature you want. This costs you more money as the AC has to expend more and more energy to regulate the temperature.

A well-built and well-insulated garage door will take care of this. It will make sure that this very big entrance into your home is properly sealed and won't let the heat in during summers or let the heat out during winters. It's a great investment if you struggle to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summers and if you are sick of huge energy bills.

On top of the benefit of better temperature regulation, the other perks of a well-insulated garage door include better durability, quieter operation, energy efficiency, and it increases the value of your home.

Precision Door of Seattle is happy to say we sell and install garage doors that come with the option of three different layers and values of insulation; single, double, or triple layers. The more layers, the more insulation the garage door will provide and the less heat will be able to pass through. We will walk you through the process of selecting the perfect style, material, color, and insulation needed for your dream garage door and we back all of our work with the best warranty in the business.

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