Garage Door Safety Tips

June 18, 2015

Garage Door Safety Tips

In honor of National Safety Month, The International Door Association has also designated June as National Garage Door Safety Month. So we have decided to put together a list of safety tips for all things involving your garage so that you can join in the month of safety and make sure that accidents and mishaps never occur on either side of your garage.

Keep children and pets away from garage doors. Garage doors are heavy and dangerous and so they should be avoided when opening or closing so that your child or animal is not trapped beneath it or in any of the moving parts.

Keep remote controls or wall-mounted openers away from children so that their curiosity does not cause an accident by opening and closing the door around others.

Keep your feet, hands, and fingers away from sections of the door to avoid injury.

Check and maintain your garage door regularly to make sure it is running smoothly. A broken or unbalanced door is extremely dangerous. Make sure to schedule regular inspections.

Make sure to install an "electric eye" if you have not already. This is a sensor mounted a few inches from the ground at the garage door opening. If anything crosses the sensor, it immediately stops closing and opens up the door.

Always close your garage door. If it is left open, thieves could use this to get into your home. Likewise, if you can, do not keep your garage door opener in your car or at least keep it hidden. If your car is stolen, the thief will then also have gained access into your home.

When you go out of town, make sure to bolt your garage door so that burglars cannot gain access to your home through your garage.

Pay attention to your garage doors and listen for unusual noises. This may be an indication of loose or worn components and needs to be inspected immediately.

Have a damaged door checked immediately as well or even if you just bump into it with your car and there appears to be no damage. A bump could cause a misalignment somewhere in the system and either the springs or the door itself could break down or wear out much faster. Always be cautious and call a professional.

Do not walk away after pressing the control switch; pause to watch and make sure that the door is fully open or fully closed.

Hopefully you feel more informed on how to safely use the biggest machine in your home. Inform your family and use your new knowledge this month and from now on. These tips will keep you and your family safe and will help you to maintain and make your garage door last as long as it possible.

Happy National Garage Door Safety Month fromPrecision Garage Door of Seattle,offering comprehensive garage door services to the entire Puget Sound area.

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