Ceiling Storage

February 24, 2016

With the advent of Google, YouTube, and Pinterest, resolving do-it-yourself home project problems is easier and better than ever before. Up through the late 90s and even into the early 2000s, if you wanted creative or innovative solutions to storage, decoration, cleaning, and renovation issues, you probably were subscribed to several magazines or spent hours in stores like Home Depot and Lowes to get advice on what was supposed to be a quick and simple weekend project. Now, with five minutes on the internet you can find numerous how-to's and examples. This article will cover one such solution to a common storage problem in that there is never enough of it.

Do you need additional storage in your house, but aren’t quite sure where to put it? Consider installing a garage ceiling storage system. The dead space between your ceiling and your garage door (when opened) is a great place to put seasonal or occasional-use items, like holiday decorations, camping and sports gear, or even DIY project materials. With an organized system installed above your garage, you can free up the space in your garage for what it was initially intended for: your car.

There is a continuum of options for ceiling storage, from DIY to buy and install. As there are tons of available instructions online, this blog won’t outline step-by-step how to install ceiling storage, but we can point you to several top-notch instructions. The Handyman blog liststhis ceiling storage projectas costing $75 in lumber and one weekend. For those without that kind of time or don’t want the hassle, Home Depot has several pre-built options formounted, ceiling storage.

Before buying or building, we recommend you measuring the space between the garage door and the ceiling storage area, that way your garage door stays unharmed and doesn’t catch on the added storage while also providing you useable space. Also, be sure not to store any heavy materials this way as it could risk damaging your car or garage door.

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