Garage Door Repairs Olympia

When Olympia residents need garage door services they call Precision Garage Door. It doesn't matter if you are in need of garage door repairs or looking for a new garage door, Precision is ready 24/7. Our certified technicians are trained to solve your garage door problems quickly and professionally. You can count on us for:


We are excited to serve Olympia and the Greater Southside. If you have any questions about your garage door, please don't hesitate to Contact us today.

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Garage Door Repairs

Whenever garage doors in Olympia have a problem, you can count on Precision Door to give the South Sound residents the fast and professional help that’s needed. Our trained and certified garage door technicians will arrive on time and repair your garage doors, automatic openers and supply any needed maintenance. We will diagnose the underlying cause of the problem and look for long term solutions while making sure you understand every detail of the process. You can expect Precision Door of Olympia to provide your repairs on time, on budget, and to do it right the first time.

New Garage Doors

Time for a new garage door? We will help you choose the right door that will not only work better, but improve your home's curb appeal. Precision Door will help you find the right door and install it quickly and professionally. There are many styles to choose from depending on your home's design. Our garage door experts live and work in the Olympia area, their insight into the community can help you find the garage door you want and need, within your budget. As icing on the cake, we will gladly haul away and recycle your old door!  

Garage Door Openers

The modern garage door opener is critical to the function of your garage door. It provides Olympia homeowners with convenient and safe access to your home. Did you know that the garage door is now the most-used door to the home? That means a lot of wear and tear, and you'll need one that will work every single time. If you need a Southside garage door company that can provide you today's best value in garage door openers, and repair or maintain your existing one - Make the Right Decision Call Precision..

Garage Door Parts

Equipping your Garage door with reliable parts is essential to having a functional, long lasting garage door. Precision Garage Door of Olympia installs the industry’s best and longest lasting parts. We are able to make your garage door quieter and easier to maintain by using only commercial grade springs, brackets, rollers, bearings and more! Call us and get your high quality parts today!